About Us

Expert in Industrial Dehumidifiers and Air Handling Units

HBC is a technology and systems provider serving a diverse range of industries, including food, pharmaceutical, electronics, energy, aerospace, chemical, and more. We possess in-depth knowledge about the causes and effects of humidity and temperature, understanding how they interact with dew point and pressure etc during your production processes.

What Makes HBC Special

  • We are Experts

    HBC stands out as a leading expert with extensive industry experience in constant temperature and humidity system solutions...

  • Experience

    HBC boasts over 50 years of industry experience in industrial constant temperature and humidity air conditioning systems...

  • Proven Reliability

    To date, over 80,000 sets of HBC units and products have been successfully utilized worldwide...

  • 50+

    Year of Experience
  • 80 K+

    sets of HBC products have been successfully utilized
  • 40 K+

    operational hours and continue to run seamlessly
  • 1000 +



Industrial Adsorption Dehumidifier

With over 50 years of experience, HBC offers comprehensive turnkey air humidity treatment solutions...

Air Handling Unit

The HBC/HBCOTES range of air handling units offers maximum configuration flexibility, high energy efficiency, and swift operation...

Energy Recovery Products

The HBS-H family encompasses a diverse range of rotor types, including non-hygroscopic and sorption rotors...