----Dehumidification System

The HBS-Plus series consists of a pre-treatment section, a dehumidification section module, and a post-treatment section. It is designed to meet various customer requirements for temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and precision control, addressing issues related to temperature, humidity, and cleanliness.

All HBS-Plus series units undergo inspections before delivery, complying with CE standards.

Modular Design:

The modular design allows for customization to meet the specific needs of different customers. Different modules can be selected based on special requirements, achieving simultaneous control of temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc., with strict accuracy control.

Panel/Frame Construction:

Panels are available in SS or spray-coated steel  , meeting stringent hygienic and structural standards. This includes requirements for air tightness and structural strength.

Multiple Rotor Options:

Silica, Molecular Sieve, Li-cl materials rotors are available to meet different requests, ensuring easy adaptation to various production humidity requirements.

High Quality:

Good design and high-quality components, coupled with effective production management and quality control, ensure the entire system is stable, reliable, and has a long running life.

Efficient/Easy Work - Control System:

Equipped with a new integrated control system, the unit offers a user-friendly operation mode and remote control options according to customer requirements. The remote "diagnosis" function makes service more convenient.

Easy/Fast Maintenance:

All components of HBS-Plus can be easily taken out for cleaning or maintenance. Multiple alarm display functions facilitate quick identification of faults and efficient problem-solving.