--- Low Dewpoint Dehumidification System

The regenerated air from the low dew point unit passes through the rotor, making it even drier, thereby enhancing the regeneration and improving the dehumidification efficiency of the rotor. The lowest dew point achievable in the air supply can be below -80°C.

HBS -LD could find wide applications in lithium batteries, cathode materials, aerospace, simulated climate environment laboratories, etc.


*System is designed with a special regeneration structure for lithium batteries using.

Regenerated air drying solely comes from inside the equipment, specifically from the rotor section of the low dew point unit.


With over 50 years of experience in low dew point design, Reg-dry air not only enhances dehumidification efficiency but also utilizes the temperature rise of the Reg-air rotor, reducing equipment energy consumption and saving operating costs. Simultaneously, the Reg-fan system ensures the air pressure balance of the system and guarantees the equipment and rotor seal leakage rate to be less than one ten-thousandth.

*System offers the option of single/double rotor systems.

The choice can be made based on the on-site cooling system, and both systems can meet the dew point requirements. Professional design, stable performance, long life, and a low failure rate characterize these systems.

*Fully enclosed dynamic sealing structure optimizes rotor processing and regeneration areas pressure.

The fully enclosed dynamic sealing structure provides an effective seal; the rotor and treatment Reg-Area are configured based on different working conditions. Adjustable rotor speed ensures the dehumidification performance and efficiency of the rotor.

*The complete control system

Offers setting and adjustment functions for parameters and remote system control. Displaying all air statuses and operating parameters ensures the unit's performance and reduces the working load on site.