---- Energy Recovery Unit

Complete Wheel :

The HBS-H family encompasses a diverse range of rotor types, including non-hygroscopic and sorption rotors. To optimize the rotor for each project, you can choose from various foil spacings and diameter sizes, available in 10mm increments. The rotors are available in diameters up to 6.0 meters, capable of managing airflows up to 70m3/s.

Great Flexibility:

Our system offers significant flexibility in terms of casing. When integrated into an air handling unit (AHU), the HR is the natural choice. The HBS-H is designed for top-bottom airflow, while the HBS-T is ideal for side-by-side airflow.

If used as a stand-alone module, the H-RT is the preferred choice. The HBS-T full-cased unit is intended for larger and divided rotors. Both casing types provide complete flexibility in terms of dimensioning, control positioning, inspection hatches, and material class.